Alex Savickas Serving as a CASA/Guardian Ad Litem

March 30, 2021

Spengler Nathanson attorney Alex Savickas completed the training and requirements to become a CASA/Guardian Ad Litem through the Lucas County Court of Common Pleas Juvenile Division. To become a Guardian, Alex attended a 40-hour training course which included Zoom sessions every week as well as extensive self-paced study. His training taught him about how to effectively be a voice for children involved in dependency/neglect/abuse cases, as well as the many family/personal/cultural factors that can influence those children’s lives. Spengler Nathanson is proud to have Alex join partners Patricia Hayden Kurt and Stephen M. Szuch as Guardians available to work for the best interest of Lucas County children.

The role of a CASA/Guardian Ad Litem is to represent the best interest of the child. In Lucas County, there is a dire need to have more CASA/Guardians available to represent the interests of children who may be adjudicated to be dependent, neglected, or abused. The most immediate interest to be addressed is the children’s safety. Once that has been addressed, then a child’s well-being and living situation is considered on a longer term basis. The goal is always to try to reunite the child with his/her parents as long as this can be done safely and is in the child’s best interest. If that cannot be done, then other options are considered, including placing custody with a relative or a foster parent, and what possible services can be recommended to help parents address existing risk factors.


Alex M. Savickas

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